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COVID-19 Impressions - Eighteen months after

November 21, 2021

Eighteen months after my initial response to the Covid panic, the official treatment of the Coronavirus crisis has not improved, if anything has worsened. On relaunching my blog I have reviewed my initial thoughts about the Covid hysteria. I am surprised to see that I maintain most of what I thoght at the time.

COVID-19 mismanagement I - Nosocomial infections

May 28, 2020

It is a known fact that hospitals are important focus of infections. These infections are a serious and unresolved issue in normal times, but in the case of the COVID-19 disease, they have become the single most important problem.

COVID-19 First Impressions

May 21, 2020

I have not changed substantially the initial analysis I made at the beginning of March of the underlying medical threat posed by the COVID-19 virus. The information already available at that time suggested that it was a serious issue that required an immediate response by the medical establishment, but nothing indicated that it required an unprecedented disruption to the lives of the general population and a collapse of the economies of the most advanced countries of the World. Unfortunately my analysis was not shared by most governments, resulting in the current situation.